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August 27, 2005



I can't remember what happens to the main character in The Sea, The Sea, but I do remember enjoying the book. You're right, she's a terrific writer. I think this book might have been her homage to Woolfe.

When we were living in Cambridge (UK) it was something of a dinner joke to speak in Iris Muroch uncertainties. "She wore a sort of .. a kind of... quizzical expression, etc." So English. She was the quintessentially English writer of her generation. When Fowles took up the subject of Englishness in Daniel Martin he took it a step further, the Englishness, but he can never do anything without being slightly nasty, which may all be part of the equation. (He may also, be, which I suspect, a slightly nasty person.)



I don't even know enough about opera to have a *guess* about whether I like it.

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