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August 15, 2005



YES!! It's great to read your words and feel your huge heart in them, DocR! Welcome back.

Coup de Vent

Yeh, welcome back DR. Looking forward to following more of your wonderful observations.


:-) not a lesson anyone misses out on though, is it? Life's got some things covered.

J.T. Little

I watched that game on ESPN, my team played against Bryant in the semi-finals of the Arkansas state tournament. Of course we lost 2-1 but the whole game Bryant never gave up. I was pitching a no-hitter going into the top of the 5th when Dylan Pritchett hit a blast over the center field fence. He marched around the bases and wow just to see him fly around those bases was amazing.

dylan pritchett

this is dylan pritchett it is just hard to believe i was that 5'5 pitcher that he is talking about 6 years later and just now read this article for the first time.. im 18 now and im just now learning that losing is apart of life just like winning is. with every win there is a lose and with every lose there is a win. so we have to just live and learn from both of them.

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