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March 25, 2005


Tom Montag

What a story. I laughed, but cried tears of joy, too. Isn't this how things should turn out, everything connected to everything? Thanks.


By my troth, a good song.

Did they have a cookie preference? Where I live, it's girl scout cookie season...


Reclaim some hope, all ye who enter here.


(Aside: dammit, Pica, you've lured me to another wonderful blog. I'm trying to *work* these days! How's that going to happen if I keep encountering writing like this?)

Ahem. How do you do, Doc? This is grand stuff, this blog!


Man, I've missed visiting here. Your stories allow me to believe there IS a cosmic circle. That's about the highest praise I know to give.


Excellent story. Here is an mp3 of "Sigh No More, Ladies" for you if you want a new tune for your hey, nonnie nonnie.



what nonny means here ( in shakespre's sigh no more)? and the ditties?


Welche Homepage über das Lügen erkennen kennt Ihr? Ich finde
Lügen erkennen, sehr hilfreich.
Seid der Serie Lie to Me gibt es ja immer mehr Seiten mit diesem Thema
Ich freue mich über jeden Hinweis.

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