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January 11, 2005



I was rolling along merrily with you on this one until that awfully harsh sentence: "this twerp feels entitled to make his pathetic little moves." Maybe I bring my own insecurities to the story. Who knows.

I did learn one thing: Liars look to the left. That might just come in handy.

Doug Weirich

My My. I haven't thought about the "Territorial Imperative" in a long time. It was a great book for me to look at in those days, opening my eyes to what I had been seeing around me for years. My interest in cultural anthropology (not my profession) would come from that book.

In the end we are all animals and respond to things around us in the same way that other animals do. It really is all about territory. Our territory, our family's territory, our friend's territory and on down the line. Technology may change the look of the world we live in; but the same patterns of human (animal) nature continue just the same.

Even that twerp's "pathetic little moves." :<)

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