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January 23, 2005



According to the now teenager who upon looking way up at Michaelangelo's David, at the age of six, pronounced that "He's sucking it in.", there was no fig leaf(I just asked her). And she ought to know.

Doc Rock

Goes to show what *I* know: nada. I've never been there, never seen it, really thought I remembered (just from photos) that he was wearing a shrubbery. So next time I'll do my homework better.
But I'll still never catch up to you, who discovered entirely on your own that the apple in the basket that the statuary-boy was holding wasn't an apple. In the Vatican--where else? I defer to you entirely, Chorusgirl!


I didn't want to say it about the fig leaf so I'm glad chorusgirl did. (I once did a drawing of David for an illustration class so I remember that bit.)

But I'd certainly forgotten about the groom in the Caravaggio painting, so thanks for showing us that again.


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