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September 15, 2004



Maybe you SHOULD (publish that book), but I'd be interested to see a conversation with you and James Hillman (A Terrible Love of War) on this subject as well. maybe that's a different project.

Chris Clarke

One need not be a soldier to be tested by war, despite Isherwood's generational angst. One need not even be in the war zone.

Another excellent post.


You might like to know that my neighbor (another blogger) and I had a discussion yesterday about this post of yours and the Big Question it raises. He was holding his one-year-old daughter, waiting for his wife, a resident surgeon to come home. He is a lawyer, but does most of the childcare due to his wife's schedule. They are Icelandic,and didn't come with the same set of rules - but becasue of being here, the stereotypical American attitudes about parenting roles do affect them. So he fell to musing about "what makes a man?" I wish you'd write more expansively on this - it's timely and important, and would make a great book.

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