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September 25, 2004


Chris Clarke

My goodness, what a plethora of lovely ideas.

You should not deduce from my comment that I don't entirely care which of those two pictures a potential mate more closely resembles. I'm completely with you on the different but equal notion, as long as it hovers well to the equality side. The admonition about Plessy v. Ferguson is worth noting, though I fear that Dred Scott v. Sanford may become the more apt metaphor should certain Attorneys General keep their jobs past January.

I suppose I can't argue entirely with that laundry list of "male" traits, though it's been a long time since I really had the urge to dominate anyone by force. It's tempting to trot out someone like Ann Coulter as a trivial counterargument, though "Ayn" does take her share of heat for "acting like a man." Maybe I do need to read that book.

Doc Rock

Nah. Take my word for it, Chris: you're a bridge-brain. (But come on now, fess up--if you had the chance to pound the living snot out of Dubya, and nobody would find out, and his memory--if he has one--were erased, you'd do it, wouldn't you? Tell the truth!)

Chris Clarke

Actually, if I were VERBALLY pounding the living snot out of Dubya, I'd be happy to ignore the other conditions. But I suspect that's not just a guy thing.

In fact, I suspect there are a few salamanders that could beat Bush in a speaking contest.


Mmmmm . . . Beating the snot out of Dubya. Now that's a thought that give me a warm fuzzy feeling all over. Honestly, I normally prefer to assert my dominance intellectually, but I feel it would be rather meaningless in Dubya's case. He's an ex-jock, so I feel like the physical drubbing would have far more meaning. I guess I'll continue daydreaming.

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