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September 22, 2004


Tom Montag

I contend that the place you choose, or that has chosen you, gets its claws in you and doesn't let go. This post, Your Honor, I offer as Exhibit #1. (Thanks for it!)

Chris Clarke


(Except that I like the creepy-crawlies, as long as they are willing to leave my boots before I put them on.)

If I was handed a month-long romantic vacation with my dear one, and given a choice among Waikiki, Central Park West, and Nipton, California, it wouldn't take me long to decide on Nipton.


Swooon! I can sense your love, and could love the desert, too, had I known it. Instead, it is the leafy comfort of rounded Appalachians at night (and her own cadre of insects) that sing me sane in late September.

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