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December 30, 2003



Barnabas BATES is the father of cheap postage, dear Doc; how could you forget?

Waldo's pink granite, on the other hand, I'd forgotten about, so am happy to be reminded.


Where's Waldo. Don't you just knock yourself out some time? You goonies.


The story of the tiny grave markers reminded me of this - when we were visiting the little family graveyard next to my grandparents house one time I asked what the little stones off to the edge of the graveyard were for - my uncle told me they were markers for my paternal grandparents children who had died of an infuenza outbreak. The story finally came out - my father's parents had lost three children at this time - then they started over and had four more - my father and his siblings. By the time I found this out, both my grandparents were dead. They just never talked about it and I often wondered how they had coped and carried on.

Coup de Vent

Cemeteries are very provocative story books, aren't they, but with most of the pages missing! I also wonder what the story was behind a configuration of family deaths and names. And the nameless graves..... Enjoyed the post.


I too find cemeteries places of entertainment. I've very relieved to know I'm not the only one.

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