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September 12, 2003



I know a little bit about John Ritter and suspect that he was not par for the comedian course. He is second generation show biz. His father had a show on the little round black and white screen, the name of which I forget. Dad was named Tex Ritter and I remember him as a real nice cowboy with the first talk show which nobody knew what that was. I think he had kids on it, like from the audience, not from the casting agency, of which there werent any for kids either then. He seemed very much like the cowboys in my own family, which were more of the Larry McMurtry variety than the John Wayne variety. John Ritter also had a brother who had a profound disability, I think one of the congenital diseases associated with mental retardation along with the physical. From what I understand they were very close and John made his brother laugh growing up with his pratfalls. As you can probably tell I like the guy a lot, even if I didn't find his comedy always my favorite. I think he was a real one.

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